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Energreen Nutrition is 100% Australian-owned, specialising in protein meals, fibre, cottonseed, lupin, canola, grains, phosphates and oils.

Supplying feeds and additives for the following enterprises:

Beef • Dairy • Sheep • Equine • Mushroom • Swine • Poultry • Aqua 

Energreen Nutrition supplies a wide range of feed ingredients to Australian producers, including protein meals, fibres, energy (vegetable oils), phosphates, and feed additives. Canola, soybean, lupin, sunflower, cottonseed, protein meals, fibre, and oils are provided by Energreen Nutrition through associated companies, Cootamundra Oilseeds and Australian Oil Seed Processors. Copra meal, soybean meal, and soyhull fibre (Maxisoy) are imported and distributed from AQIS approved facilities.

Soy products, finished feeds, starch-based pellets, and Australian cold-pressed oils have been marketed into New Zealand by Energreen Nutrition for over 20 years.

Additionally, Energreen Nutrition has collaborated with Malaysian suppliers of soy products for over 16 years and sources copra meal from Solomon Island growers involved in the Lindt sustainable copra production project in the region.

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