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NZ - PNG - Pacific

New Zealand

Energreen Nutrition has been marketing products to New Zealand in conjunction with our associated partners for over 20 years.

We can offer a full range of soy meal based products both GMO and non-GMO as well as finished feeds and starch-based pellets.

Australian cold-pressed canola oils from our sister company Cootamundra Oilseeds has been also well received by the local market in NZ.

Papua New Guinea

For over 16 years our supplier of Soy Bean Meal from Malaysia has had biosecurity clearance to export product to PNG.

This range of Soybean meal and full fat is available in FCLs packaged as loose bulk, bulk bags and 25 kg bags.

Our range also extends to Canola oil Cold-pressed and Soy Bean oil RBD for use in the tuna markets as well as for stockfeed.


The relationship with our Pacific associates has been a two way street with them supplying us quality Copra meal and ourselves supplying a full range of products which includes oils and meals.